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Let me take this opportunity to greet you all, Salaam Alaikum! Welcome to our school, the Capital Private School which is a monolingual, and bilingual school. It was established in the year 1984. We started first in a rented villa and steadily grew over the years and established the current permanent campus in the year 1997. The school at present has a capacity to host 400 students and we are planning to enhance capacity with additional infrastructure in the years ahead.

50 years ago when I was a student there was only one school in the Dhofar region for primary education. Thanks to the great vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, today Oman has over 1000 schools and the numbers are increasing and throw open educational opportunities to every child in Oman.


To pursue general and secondary education 5 decades ago I had to travel by Camel, and Boat to reach Muscat and then proceed to Kuwait, and thereafter to Egypt. Return trip to Salalah included air travel via Bahrain and Yemen and a long and tiring journey by road across the desert. For higher education I went to Eastern Europe, and Hungary. On my return to Oman, I retired from services voluntarily as an Archaeologist. It is with a desire to contribute to His Majesty's vision for the future, and as an act of social responsibility that my family setup the Capital Private School.


Our focus is on ensuring the type of learning that will make our students responsible citizens capable of innovatively contributing to the progress of Oman and the benefit of humanity in general. We do not discriminate or discourage students on the basis of their background, and learning ability. Our goal is to make our students achieve capabilities that match their maximum potential. To us, no student is a failure if mentored and taught in the right way: that is our belief and endeavor. Thus we are marching towards the achievement of "Inspiring Education for Innovative Actions!"


Dear Parents, your child is welcome to join our school, and students come to us and we'll put you on the road to success and guide you along the way.


Ali Ahmed Al Shanfari

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